Green Tea & Rice Antioxidant Exfoliant Powder
Green Tea & Rice Antioxidant Exfoliant Powder
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Green Tea & Rice Antioxidant Exfoliant Powder

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By now, we all know the impressive potent properties of green tea, that it suppresses acne, heals damaged cells, fights free radicals, eliminates toxins, improves elasticity, protects against sun damage, and slows down the ageing process. Milled finely from Japanese genmaicha, roasted rice and organic brown rice, this exfoliant is 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and soap-free. 

The nutrients contained in the dry ingredients are activated upon mixing with water, thereby delivering their cleansing and exfoliating properties at maximum potency at the skin surface. We believe this is the best way to obtain the full benefit of the ingredients. It is the antithesis of mainstream bottled cleansers, which are often harshly detergent in action, slowly degrading and losing nutrient value in their watery medium.

To activate the dry exfoliating powder, mix with warm water, or honey or natural yoghurt for extra moisturisation until a paste is formed. Rub onto face in circular motions. Relax as you leave the paste on your skin to dry, then rinse off with a warm washcloth and pat dry. 

A 30 gram packet is sufficient for up to 6 applications. Our facial products are all sold dry rather than in paste form so that they stay fresh for longer, and you get more active ingredients by weight.

This product consists of 100% natural ingredients. It is microbead-free, soap-free, SLS-free, paraben-free and vegan friendly. Although all ingredients are of the highest quality and food-grade, it is for external use only.

Please use bath and skin products, as intended. If you have any reaction following your use of our products, please discontinue and seek medical advice. If you have a sensitivity to coconut oil, or essential oils, please check the ingredient list on items before purchase. We welcome your enquiries if you would like more detailed information before buying.

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